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Changing the life path in life for better understand ourselves and things around us in order to grow and be a better human. Start taming our thoughts by now. 

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Mindfulness and simply less lifestyle

Turquoise is my color! You will find interesting home decor ideas.

I enjoy travel to nature, city of hopes and inspiring places. 

I’m going to share my most inspiring books to read.

Travel to Bandung (Braga Street): Where The Modern Meets the Past

Once upon a time jalan Braga Bandung was the most prestigious street in the city. Bandung got its nickname as the Parijs van Java due to Braga street.

Slow Living: Seni untuk Lebih Menikmati Hidup

Slow bukan berarti malas, bukan juga menyerah. Slow berarti merasakan, bernafas, menjalani kehidupan lebih nyata, lebih hidup, lebih mengutamakan kualitas dibandingkan kuantitas dalam kehidupan.

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I Don't Feel Like Writing Right Now (Intro)

I haven’t been writing as often as I wish, but today I’m committed to mastering my minds in order to build my writing habit. What is my biggest goal?

Being an INFJ In the world full of people

As an INFJ in this world, I mostly think about my purpose in life, what is my goal? What thing that I want to achieve?

Being A Truly Good Listener

“Most People Do Not Listen With The Intent To Understand; They Listen With The Intent To Reply” – Anonymous