Raysa Lestianti

Little Things about Me

Hey everyone! I’m Raysa, the writer behind Dear Me Mind. For a little personal background, I am a moslem, I am the eldest of four siblings and living in Indonesia with my husband. My aspiration is to work for this blogs and videos on Youtube. 

I mostly write about self- journey, education, marriage life and parenting! I also write some products review and books review. I started Dear Me Mind in October of 2020 to express my passions, and serve as an inspiration for all things related to lifestyle habits.

I encourage you to use this blog as a comfortable space to gain a sense of your individuality that God has given to you. See this post for a more in depth sharing about life. You may also find me on Medium platform here.

If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments or message me on any social!

Love, Raysa

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