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Raysa Lestianti

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Hey everyone! I’m Raysa, the writer behind Dear Me Mind. For a little personal background, I am a moslem, I am the eldest of four siblings and living in my home state of Bogor, Indonesia. My aspiration is to work for this blog, and eventually writing my own book. 

A few of my passions are personal development, food, beauty, family, travel and living a life that is happy and healthy! I started Dear Me Mind in October of 2020 to express my passions, and serve as an inspiration for all things related to lifestyle habits. I encourage you to use this blog as a comfortable space to gain a sense of your individuality that God has given to you. See this post for a more in depth sharing about life.

If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments or message me on any social!

Love, Raysa

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