Being an INFJ

Being an INFJ in The World Full of People

Everyone in social media pretends they know you. But they don’t see your insecurities, do they? Who are you? have you know you well? have you explored yourself?

As an INFJ in this world, I mostly think about my purpose in life, what is my goal? What thing that I want to achieve? I tried filling MBTI test from the internet 5 years ago.

I was 20 years old and still doing my bachelor degree. I remembered I was looking for my identity and I was so enthusiast learning a new thing as Biologist.

First time I filled the test, I was known as ENFJ. But day by day, I realized that I am an introvert person by my preference. Honestly, so many people misunderstood me as I was. They thought that I was an extrovert.

Maybe because I am able to speak confidently, looks so warm and friendly at the beginning. In fact, I enjoy being alone and express massively with my own personal space.

INFJ means Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. Introvert means we are being energized by quiet time alone. Intuitive means we look at the patterns and possibilities without conscious reasoning.

Feeling means we prioritize people and emotions upon my logical thinking. Judging means we prefer structure and order in order to arrange thing.

I believe personality is a nature but it will grow by the day someone experience important moment in their life. For me, life after college is impactful to shape me as I am right now.

Talking about life as an INFJ, I come to the thing I might value so much and the thing makes me feeling uncomfortable and discomfort. I highly value private places and deep talking.

I love creating intimacy and enjoy inspiring talks. I do love tidying up and cleaning my room, on the other hand I feel discomfort with loud and crowded places.

As an INFJ who does not like being too open about personal life such as family, relationship, friends, they often being misunderstood by most people as an arrogant people. Because of this preference, an INFJ are very careful about who they let into their life. It makes them being protective of those they care about.

But, naturally they are warm and helpful. An INFJ have an open minded talk, so they are mostly flexible to talk about anything. Sometimes they are too confident with their mind a.k.a stubborn and having strong willed.

In terms of doing something, an INFJ prioritize passion upon everything. They always searching for hidden meaning and have a high expectations of themselves and others.

The hardest part is because an INFJ is complex and over-thinker, they absorb other people’s emotions, it makes them getting tired easily and sometimes being too emotional.

As an INFJ, I love working independently and writing is one of the activities that I enjoy so much because through writing I am able to use my imaginative potential.

Some people told me to being more present and feel in the moment rather than diving on my thought. But, how could I not being in the moment whereas I don’t want to lose chance to breath the fresh air and beautiful sunrise view in the morning.

Love, Raysa

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