Perjalanan memutuskan Untuk Menulis

Today is going to be a huge day.

I start with the mindset of a real writer out there. It is a bit pressure for me since I often break my own commitment when I was young.

I do love writing, I enjoy it.

How is it going?

I know this activity sometimes going to be frustrating and I might give up easily to this thing that I have started because it seems difficult. Recently, I read many articles from many writers worldwide. I felt as fresh as daisy kind of human being.

Becoming a writer is one of my biggest dreams since I was a child. I remembered the day when my elementary teacher found me writing my own story behind her back during her class. I was in the 4th grade.

Despite, she is angry to me, she even told my mother that I have writer’s materials and I might have that potential to be a writer one day. She invited me to join one of writing competition, she sent two students in school as a delegates. But, because it was my first experience and I had no mentor to treat me.

Then, I have no idea what happened next since I forgot what I was doing after that day. Maybe I kept explore myself as a kid, jump from one thing to another thing to do.

But, every time I was felling down, her words comes to my head and lighting me up. It becomes my personal spirit to make me believe that one day I will back to write.

My Goal

I haven’t been writing as often as I wish, but since today I’m committed to mastering my minds in order to build my writing habit. What is my biggest goal? For me, I want to expand my reach, share and get the income through writing.

Since I am still a beginner in writing, success for me might define writing as often as I could. Don’t jump too far. Start committedly with write 250 word blog post once per week or even one sentence every morning when you wake up.

Then continue with the next goal. For example, start writing 500 word blog posts for the next two week. I believe once I accomplish that small goal, my brain will think that I am capable to do something more challenging in the future.

If I really want to get 10 times the chances of reaching my writing, of course I need to make it step by step. But, starting to make it as a reward, my mentor said it will be increased 100% chances reaching up the goal. I am going to put the mindset of writing 1000 words per day will help me to publish my own book and wide it away as a personal business.

However based on the research by University of College London, in order to make writing becomes a habit which sticks as glue in your daily life, we need a minimum 66 days or two months to do that daily. So, I should be patient. Just keep doing that.

Looking back my very first day’s words, review the writing and be resilient. I hope one day I’ll realize that hard work will be paid off. 

Whenever I feel stuck, I should looking back to my goals, I have committed myself becoming a successful writer.

Let’s begin again. 

Love, Raysa

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