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Travel to Bandung (Braga Street): Where The Modern Meets the Past

Once upon a time Braga Street Bandung was the most prestigious street in the city. Bandung got its nickname as the Parijs van Java due to Braga street.

It was my first impression after a long time not to visit Bandung about 2 years. There was a lot of changes, the street, the people, the building. Braga Street never always be more interesting for me.

Strolling around Braga street feels like taking a step back in time: a narrow street with many art-deco buildings from the early twentieth century. It is refreshing to see some of these old buildings had been renovated back to their old glory becoming more modern cafes and restaurant.

One of the things I enjoy the most is the pedestrian walk. Its pedestrian walk has also been renovated with new paving blocks and many park benches. 

We will also see many paintings are displayed in front of several closed buildings.  Although selling any merchandise on a pedestrian walk is prohibited in Bandung now, the only exception is these painters.

They have been in this street for who knows how many years. The paintings are large and beautiful, that look like part of the street decorations.

Although there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in this street, the classic ones are Braga Permai and Sumber Hidangan. For modern restaurant, Sarinah is also the most favorite one near Braga Street.

The modern one and also the most up-to date café is The Sweet Cantina, many Ice creams flavour are sold in that place. The decoration looks so fresh and Instagram-able, that is why young people really want to visit this place.

Besides of the old timers, there are new additions to Braga Street Bandung. They are Braga City Walk and the hotels. 

I am not sure what Braga City Walk is, I don’t think it is a shopping mall because only few shops here open especially in this pandemic situation, but it has plenty of restaurants, a cinema, a karaoke, a gym and a hotel. One thing for sure, it easier to find parking space in the basements here than on Braga street. 

I spent 3 days 2 nights in Braga Street, I lived in Aston Hotel which is located in Braga Street and I think this hotel is quite strategic for people who want to explore Braga Street.

At night, Braga Street looks more beautiful. The light, the music even though the street is too crowded if we want to really enjoy the city.

However, my very short trip to Braga Street is so refreshing. I feel more energized after visiting that place. It was a good memory before entering 2021.

What’s the next trip? Stay tune!


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